Brooks and Capehart on FBI Mar-a-Lago raid, investigations surrounding Trump

David Brooks:


No, I think it is – both things are true. The FBI was probably right to do what they did. This will help Donald Trump. And that helps Donald Trump in a number of ways.

First, as a number of consultants to his potential main opponents have said off the record – in the media, their campaigns are now – seem to be pulling this – out of their veils. A couple — a month ago, a couple months ago, half of all Republicans said they wanted to move on.

Now, at least last week, and maybe in the short term, last week, the whole party is rallying around Donald Trump; 80% of Republicans say they are more motivated to vote in 2022 because of what they call this raid.

The vast majority say it’s not an unbiased investigation, it’s political hacking, something like 75%. Half of Americans believe it. And so you get this situation where Trump – people rally around Trump. Her opponents now have some leeway, as everyone defends whoever was attacked.

And then here’s where I get to the nightmare scenario. What if in a few years, in a year or two, Donald Trump is heading for the Republican nomination because he wins primary after primary and is found guilty of something?

What will happen if, in a year and a half, the American public decides that he is going to be elected president…

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