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André Allis


This administration, in just 9 months, has weakened and debased this country so much in every way possible that in assessing what has happened in that short span of time, we seem to be considering a binary choice between being either the most incompetent government of all time afflicting this nation, or its actions (and inactions) being premeditated and calculated to deconstruct America. I would like to propose a third hypothesis, namely that they are both.

For example, the Biden’s deliberate inaction in failing to protect our southern border is calculated. The current Socialist Democratic Party cannot sell its far left Marxist program to the majority of current American voters. The solution? Erase our southern border and replace these voters with a new constituency of illegal immigrants, the ones they are helping to break federal laws by coming here. By then granting them citizenship, they are effectively and permanently changing the demographics of this country by importing a new poor and dependent Democratic voting bloc that will keep them in power at the expense of American taxpayers. For example, the Social Engineering Bill proposed by the Democrats for 3.5 trillion (in addition to the trillions this fiscally irresponsible administration has already spent) includes “free” community college for illegals. Of course, since nothing is free, Democrats are trying to make hard-working, economically stressed middle-class Americans pay the tuition fees of illegals who have come here in violation and in disregard of our laws.

The soaring inflation, which has resulted from all this spending and the currency dilution by forcing the Federal Reserve to increase the printing of paper money at an alarming rate, can be categorized as intentional, as it is part part of this party “great government like god” ideology. The inflation rate, the most hidden and cruel tax for those already struggling, is currently at 6% the highest in 13 years, resulting in an additional $ 175 per month increase (and increase) in expenses for the average American family.

Merrick Garland’s unprecedented and outrageous militarization of the FBI at the Justice Department is also intentional to prosecute parents showing up at school board meetings concerned about their unscientific and unnecessary masking of their children, as well as their indoctrination into history. anti-American revisionist from the United States as well as the racist teaching of the Critical Race Theory (CRT) which separates students, and people in general, according to skin color. The double standard of labeling caring and involved parents, who pay the salaries of their public school teachers, as “National terrorists” while Antifa and BLM (which rioted, torched and looted major cities for days) remain absent from the terrorist watch list, give credence to the satirical adage that if the left didn’t have two two measures, it would have no standards at all. Equally intentional is the federal government’s intrusion into the most intimate decisions about its own personal health in the imposition of vaccines, for if the government can penetrate your own body against your better judgment, what can it not do to you? ? They own you then. Whatever happened to this party’s mantra, “My body, my choice?

In the column of unintentional incompetence and failure, we can put the chaotic and disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, arguably the biggest military blunder in our country’s history, showing both our own troops and allies. that we are untrustworthy, and amply demonstrating to our enemies that we are not to be feared, while emboldening terrorists around the world. All of this took place even though Biden, as commander and leader, was warned by our military commanders of the impending collapse of the Afghan army if we withdraw all of our troops and keep at least 2,500, as they testified before the Senate Armed Forces Committee. We can also tackle the current supply chain disaster, which is emptying our store shelves by producing images reminiscent of the former Soviet Union, under the rubric of incompetence / failure.

Let it be concluded that the denigration of our country by the Biden administration is a well-planned and intentionally executed systematic Marxist deconstruction of the United States with the aim of building a new America in accordance with a utopian socialist vision (which everywhere it has never been employed on the face of the globe has resulted in dystopia), or quite simply the gross incompetence of leftist ideologues who can only demolish, but ultimately never build or produce anything once in possession of the levers of power, this administration in 9 months gave birth to nothing constructive, but rather the real and frightening beginnings of the deconstruction (i.e. destruction) of the greatest country on the face of the earth, the one that took 245 years to build.

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