Ankpa Owukpa’s Echo of Educational Distress – By Agbo Michael Onoja

Members of the Ankpa Owukpa community appeal to education sector stakeholders in Benue State, Commissioner for Education, Dr. Sarwuan Tarnongo, Secretary of Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Agbo Ochekpe for rapid intervention to save and revive LGEA Primary School, Ankpa Owukpa.

The 46-year-old LGEA Primary School, Ankpa Owukpa in Ogbadibo LGA, the last and only surviving government facility in Ankpa Owukpa, is gradually disappearing due to lack of teachers and decaying infrastructure, culminating in school dropout of children because there is no teacher to teach them. It is gradually disappearing and the pitiful state of the Ankpa which is emptying of the presence of the government calls for a rapid intervention of the government.

The current condition of the dilapidated structures of the aforementioned primary school with leaking roofs, broken and bent walls are life threats signaling colossal damage capable of costing the lives of students and the teacher.

In an interview with the headmistress of the school, Mrs. Maria Ishalu, who is also a teacher of primary classes 5 and 6 (the only existing classes in the school) and the only teacher, she revealed that, like her predecessors, she had been writing to the competent authority for years about the physical infrastructure and human resource needs of the school highlighted above with graphics as eye evidence showing leaking roofs, fallen walls and the only existing structure of three pieces that is on the verge of collapse which doubles as a death trap but has achieved no results rather than government silence for 15 years of waiting and continuous writing. She added that the school’s sustenance has been the efforts of the community for years, including providing the dilapidated facilities available.

The school was created in 1976 and in 1979 it had 312 students in 4 classes and 500 students in 1999.

From 2001 to 2008, the primary school had 9 classrooms, 8 teachers, 2 rooms for administrative offices with more than 550 students in all classes and a hundred in 2021 but now the total population of the school in this month of July 2022 amounts to forty-three compared to 2021 that it was one hundred and more than five hundred and fifty in 2006 because many children have dropped out of school for lack of teachers.

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