Amit Shah – The New Indian Express


NEW DELHI: The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill will ensure that police and investigators stay two steps ahead of criminals, Home Minister Amit Shah said on Monday, urging the opposition not to have apprehension about the bill.

Responding to a discussion of the bill in the Lok Sabha, he said opposition members raising human rights concerns must also show concern about the human rights of those targeted by it. the criminals.

The bill will act as an advocate for the human rights of millions of law-abiding citizens, he said.

Referring to concerns from some opposition members over the misuse of data collected under the bill, Shah said the world is using a database and “we too will have to use it”, arguing with time.

The database has been used for two and a half years to solve crimes, including car thefts, he said.

Shah said the data will be stored in secure hardware and those “sending samples (for correspondence) will receive results and the data will not be shared.”

He said the bill was introduced to ensure police and investigators stay one step ahead of criminals.

There should be no apprehension, he added.

Next-generation crimes cannot be fought with old techniques, he said.

“We have to try to bring the criminal justice system into the next era,” Shah added.

Claiming that the BJP does not engage in vote-banking politics, he said the Prevention of Terrorism Act was a law of national concern and was repealed for the sake of “appeasement”.

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