American Pickers’ Danielle Colby receives surprise visitors ahead of hospital surgery amid ‘painful’ condition

AMERICAN Pickers star Danielle Colby received a surprise visitor ahead of surgery to treat her frightening condition.

The star documented the sweet moment online, sharing a heartfelt message with her fans before go under the knife.


American Pickers star Danielle Colby received surprise visitors ahead of her surgeryCredit: Instagram/ Danielle Colby
The star spent time with her sisters days after revealing a chilling diagnosis


The star spent time with her sisters days after revealing a chilling diagnosis1 credit: PATREON/DanielleColby

Danielle46 years old, took him Patreon to share a nice photo accompanied by a long and sincere message.

The American Pickers star has to go under the knife for a procedure due to a medical condition.

In the photo, Danielle smiled as she stood alongside two women who turned out to be her sisters.

She wrote on her Patreon: “My sisters, Tara (left) [and] Annie (right) have their birthdays so close that we normally celebrate them together. It’s a trip to celebrate the holidays because none of us grew up doing it.”

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She continued: “We never do it exactly right. [or] as per plan but I hear that’s probably normal for holidays, right?

“It’s been a long time coming. We just don’t get together enough, so today was special.”

Danielle continued, “I wanted to spend time as a threesome again before surgery in a few days. After I’m better, we’ll start again with whiskey.”

The post comes just days after the History Channel star revealed her diagnosis.

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Late last week, Danielle confirmed that she has a frightening medical condition that will require surgery.

She opened up about the “incredibly painful” illness on Instagram and Patreon after telling fans she was in bed.

Danielle took instagram to share a photo of her in the hospital sitting in a chair connected to a machine.

She appeared in good spirits, even though her face was partially covered by a surgical mask.

She held up a glass of Dunkin’s as she sat down for a treatment, which she didn’t mention in her post.

In her caption, she wrote: “I have a lot of feelings right now, but my most widespread and overwhelming feeling is gratitude.
If you want to know more about my health journey, you can read my very long article on Patreon. There’s too much to start trying to explain everything in the limited space allowed here.”

On Patreon, she posted a long blog-like piece in which she revealed that she was going to undergo “surgery”.

“First of all I want to say how happy I am that my daughter Memphis and her partner Oliver, their two dogs, their two cats have all returned safely to Illinois. She lives near me, my son is close and the hospital where My operation is also very close. There is a very good noodle shop 10 minutes away. So I found my little piece of heaven here in Illinois, to rest and recuperate during the next four months or so.” Danielle shared.

She went on to detail her diagnosis and what led to it: “About four months ago I shared with by Mike girlfriend Tish, that I was having a terrible time on set dealing with my menstrual cycles. It was like I was always bleeding, it was always excruciating pain, I felt like I was being held back from so many opportunities because I couldn’t figure out how to control the amount of pain I was living with.

“She talked to me for a while about the importance of going to the gynecologist and making sure everything was okay. So about three months ago I was finally able to find a gynecologist, make an appointment you, get more exams and understand more of what is going on in my body. I am extremely grateful for this conversation with Tish because I found out that I have uterine fibroids.


Danielle noted in her post that at first it “didn’t really seem like a big deal” and that she “didn’t quite understand” what her diagnosis entailed.

She wrote: “I thought maybe I just had a lumpy uterus and I could live with it.”

The History Channel star continued: “My doctor has advised me that this is not a situation and one that I cannot live with. In fact, this is a situation that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, surgically During the exams, due to the number and size of the fibroids, she was unable to obtain a suitable biopsy sample from the area that concerned her most.

“She informed me that I was going to have to have my uterus removed whether the biopsy was cancerous or not. My uterus is enlarged and loaded with fibroids which is causing a lot of distress elsewhere in my body.”

Danielle shared with fans her struggle to find a good doctor in the first place, writing in her post, “I know I haven’t been well for about three years. In those three years we were going through Covid and I couldn’t get in to a gynecologist to save my life. It took me three years to finally find a female gynecologist. And I had to travel from Puerto Rico to Illinois to find her.

She revealed that following the cancellation of Roe v. Wade, “we have a massive shortage of gynecologists.”


Through it all, the TV personality has had a lot in her corner.

Danielle credited Jeremy Scheuch to be his support through it all.

She detailed her own struggles following her diagnosis and what is happening to care for her.

“He had emotional support from my children and family and physical support from time to time when needed,” she wrote.

“But it affects him every day. From the time he wakes up in the morning, doses me with my meds, cleans the house on his own, does the laundry, makes me breakfast, doses more of my pills, runs and take more necessities, come home, watch my pain, sleep on the couch at night (because that’s the only place I can find comfort), sleep alone in his bed (otherwise I’ll keep him awake All night long).”

She added: “It’s impossible for me to sleep at the moment because of the pain I’m feeling. I’ve been bleeding for two months and he’s the one who took care of me, makes sure I’m clean, fed. , loved and prioritized.”

The star also revealed how she was coping.


“Uterine fibroids are incredibly painful,” she wrote.

“Last night was the first night I figured out how to properly understand my pain management. I’ve always been afraid of taking drugs. I smoke a lot of weed, but other than that I don’t don’t like taking pills and medicine.”

In addition to managing her pain, Danielle received other treatments at the hospital.

She wrote: “Part of my lust process right now is getting the iron infusions twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I really like going for the iron infusions because the nurses are so sweet and incredibly helpful and really pleasant to talk to Again this establishment is completely understaffed but they make sure to take care of everyone to the best of their abilities.

“Tuesday was my last iron infusion, we brought them donuts and I’m not going to lie, it made me cry knowing I wouldn’t be seeing them regularly anymore.”

She noted that surgery was imminent, even telling fans when she would come in.

Danielle told fans: “I have my operation scheduled within the week for a hysterectomy. So in a week I will have some relief. I will have a different type of pain but I’m delighted to be closer to the healing process of this.

“I don’t know exactly what to say right now about how I feel because I feel a lot of everything. Most of the time I just feel grateful.”

She concluded her message by thanking healthcare workers, writing: “If you are a healthcare worker, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t say thank you enough. I can see it in everyone’s eyes. the world that they’re burnt out, but somewhere, something drives them to keep going to work every day in an environment where the risk is high and the pay scale isn’t.”


Earlier this month, Danielle revealed she was bedridden due to “unforeseen health issues”.

The American Pickers the star said at the time that she would have to postpone her burlesque show in Buffalo, New Yorkdue to “unforeseen health issues”.

She alluded to this message and this broadcast in her last part.

While on “bed rest”, the History Channel star promised her subscribers that she would do her best to “keep you up to date”.

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Danielle captioned her post, “Please be patient as we confirm a new date for our long-awaited appearance in Buffalo, but we’ll actually see you there in 2023!”

She concluded, “We thank you for your patience and understanding. A friendly reminder, your physical and mental health comes first, always!”

Danielle shared a heartfelt message online about her visit


Danielle shared a heartfelt message online about her visit1 credit: PATREON/DanielleColby
Danielle shared with fans that she was struggling with a


Danielle shared with fans that she was dealing with a “painful” conditionCredit: Instagram
She will undergo surgery to remove her uterus in a few days


She will undergo surgery to remove her uterus in a few daysCredit: History Channel

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