Accra Academy launches its 90th anniversary

Accra Academy launched its 90th anniversary

Accra Academy kicked off its 90th anniversary by calling on the government to institute performance indicators for senior school principals to improve education standards.

The indicators should hold school boards and principals accountable for their performance that is aligned with schools’ interest in facilitating teaching and learning.

Mr. Alex Mold, former Managing Director of the Ghana National Petroleum Commission, speaking at the event in Accra, called for continued engagement within the education sector to effectively run schools and ensure long-term sustainable performance.

“Dialogue and engagement by involving schools in the recruitment of teachers will improve standards in the sector, as opposed to the current system where teachers are recruited from the Ghana Education Service Headquarters without input from the Board of Education. administration and management of schools, ”he said.

He urged the government to raise the bar and keep its infrastructure promises and commit resources to support school management.

Mr Mold, who is also an alumnus of the school, said education must integrate young people into the flow of society’s life, empower them and advance the socio-economic development of the nation.

He said that education must necessarily meet national needs in all their complexity, stressing that the goal of education cannot be static and that effective education must be part of the overall vision of the target country.

“We continually teach certain subjects because they are popular elsewhere; copying the teaching methodology, textbooks, specimens, experiments, just to accompany, which only succeeded in keeping us exactly where we are. It seems that we are preparing our youth, at our expense, for someone else’s job market ”.

Mr Mold said the country, whether as private providers, parents and guardians, communities, industries, employers had a role to play in ensuring that the future of young people was not compromised.

“So far, most educational reforms have focused on vocational and technical education. Yet, frankly, very few of us in this room will encourage our children to choose these subjects because we don’t seem to have much faith in them and our perceptions remain negative ”.

He was of the view that the country’s education system must be fit for purpose and constantly carry out gap analyzes that would ensure success and meet the needs of the industry.

Mr. Emmanuel O. Fiemawhle, Director of the Academy of Accra said that the theme “Academy of Accra: 90 years later”, inspired ideas to make the vision of the founders of the school more relevant to the educational development of the country.

The anniversary planning committee and stakeholders unveiled the school logo and rolled out year-long activities, including an inaugural church service, commemorative lectures, a career briefing, a medical exam, a speech and an award and a service of thanksgiving.

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