A pedagogue seeks to improve the well-being of teachers

Facebook Community Accelerator Award winner for 2021, Dr. Peter Ogudoro, urged government and school owners to invest in teacher growth.

He noted that Nigerian teachers would attract one trillion naira to Nigeria after continuous training.

He gave that clue when addressing Kenyan teachers who recently hosted him as a guest speaker under the auspices of Teachers Notice Board Kenya.

In a statement released in Lagos, Ogudoro urged that functional education delivered by highly motivated teachers should be seen as Africa’s path out of widespread poverty on the continent.

The pedagogue said that an international teachers’ conference will be held in Lagos from April 11 to 12 to help the country obtain high quality teachers and accelerate the development of the nation.

According to him, officials from regional and federal education agencies in the country, such as the West African Examinations Council, the National Universities Commission and the Universal Basic Education Commission, will attend the event to help school owners and teachers understand new directions in educational policy so they can effectively fulfill their role.

Regarding teachers’ conditions of service, he encouraged public and private school owners in the country to “pay teachers well and invest heavily in teacher training and continuous teacher professional development to ensure that Nigerian teachers become globally competitive”.

He, however, revealed that members of the Nigerian teacher online community are being helped by Facebook to learn teaching skills.

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