A new era of learning for Hartlepool Primary School

A new era of learning has begun at a popular primary school in Hartlepool as it joins a new education trust,

Rossmere Academy in Hartlepool is the latest school to join Extol Trust, which was founded in 2013 as part of the National Academies scheme.

Catcote Road School, which has 353 pupils and 100 nursery children, joins Eldon Grove Academy in Hartlepool, New Silksworth Infant Academy and New Silksworth Junior Academy in Sunderland and Thorntree Academy in Middlesbrough as part of the Faithful.

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To welcome the new school, a delegation from Extol Trust was invited to Rossmere Academy for a tour of the facilities.

The management team, governors and director of Rossmere scoured the region in search of an educational trust that matched their philosophy. They chose Extol Trust after an extensive consultation process which indicated that they had the same moral motivations and were passionate about making a positive difference in North East communities.

Young people from Rossmere Academy.

Gill Slimings, Chairman of the School Governors, said: “For us becoming an academy was the right thing to do at this time and choosing Extol was the right decision. It has already become clear that the partnership is very organized and very strong.”

Caroline Reed, Principal of Rossmere Academy, said: “Each school is unique and what we pride ourselves on is enriching student education and adding value. We are very fortunate to have our forestry school for child-initiated learning, project work and outdoor classes. , which builds resilience, independence and confidence in children and we hope to be able to share this amazing facility with the other schools in the trust.”

LR, Julie Deville, Caroline Reed and Gill Slimings.
LR, Julie Deville, Caroline Reed and Gill Slimings.

Extol Trust Chief Executive Julie Deville said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Rossmere Academy into our trust, as it is evident that we share the moral belief that all pupils deserve to attend a school which stand out, where they can grow personally, academically and socially.

“We place children at the center of everything we do, with the goal of creating an atmosphere where excellence flourishes through exceptional leadership, engaging teaching and high-quality learning. All students, regardless of whether their background or their school, have equal access to a high-quality education that equips them with the knowledge, skills and understanding to achieve their ambitions and fulfill their potential.”


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