7 skincare products as effective as cosmetic care

These advanced treatments, with formulas infused with the latest scientific advances, mimic the effects of cosmetic surgery.

1.Helena Rubinstein

Since its creation in 1902, the objective of the Helena Rubinstein the brand has not changed: promoting the emancipation of women through beauty, with state-of-the-art treatments designed in collaboration with the greatest scientists. Inspired by aesthetic medicine, this night mask developed with Dr Pflug, a pioneer in cosmetic surgery, erases the signs of aging and imperfections overnight. This thanks to its tensor effect formula, combining the powers of hyaluronic acid with 30% Pro-Xylane, which accelerates cell regeneration, firms the skin and reinforces its elasticity. A special mention goes to its silky texture and fresh scent.

Re-Plasty Age Recovery Night Cream, Helena Rubinstein

510 €

Helena Rubinstein

2. Filorga

Initially, Filorga Laboratories specializing in the design of injectables used by aesthetic doctors and dermatologists. the time filler is based on the principle of mesotherapy and acts on the 5 main signs of aging: radiance, wrinkles, firmness, spots and volume. 3 super nutrients + 50 meso-ingredients + 4 cell boosters are concentrated in this ultra-powerful little tube. During the day, the formula is applied to the eye and lip contour, providing an immediate tightening effect and a real feeling of freshness. In the evening, it is used in a thick layer like a night mask, for a smoothed look and plumped lips in the morning.

Global Repair Eyes and Lips, Filorga

3. AQ skin solutions

Decreased production of growth factors, along with damage from UV rays, pollution, and toxins, causes wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and skin pigmentation. With that in mind, AQ Skin Solutions developed the QA technology, originally used to optimize the healing of burn victims. The goal: to use growth factors to reverse the cellular aging process and increase the skin’s natural repair response. QA Active Serum is over-concentrated in fibroblast growth factors, similar to those created by the body. From the first application, this treatment stimulates the cells and boosts the production of natural collagen. The result is a velvety complexion and baby skin that is literally regenerated from the inside.

Active Serum, AQ Skin Solutions

249 €

AQ Skin Solutions

4. Mesoesthetics

The equation for the success of this Spanish brand is simple: medical or aesthetic care + an adapted home care routine = more visible and lasting results. Hence the idea of ​​offering, in addition to in-office protocols, a prescription for personalized care that prolongs or reproduces the effects at home. Applied daily before your treatment, this pro-radiance ampoule, concentrated in idebenone (which promotes daytime cell functions) and niacinamide (which reinforces the skin’s barrier function), acts as a real shield against pollution and hydrates the skin by continued.

Pollution Defense Bulbs, Mesoestetic

5. Filled

Dedicated to aesthetic medicine since 1978, Completed laboratories, specialists in hyaluronic acid and cell biology, extend their expertise to home care. There is a suitable range for each need: 1) Art filler targets wrinkle filling and volume restoration, 2) NCTF improves skin quality, 3) Peels offers gentle peels, and finally 4) Cutaneous infusion provides a cosmetic relay to aesthetic procedures. Ideal for prolonging the effect of a doctor’s peel, this lotion uses gluconolactone, an active ingredient as powerful as fruit acids but much better tolerated. The skin texture is smoothed and breathes better by optimizing this treatment.

Skin Perfusion Perfecting Solution, Fillmed


Square Health Beauty

6. Physiodermy

The latest challenge for the Swiss brand? Clinical bio-efficacy, or how to reconcile scientifically proven efficacy and organic certification. Highly concentrated active ingredients from aesthetic medicine (peptides, AHA, BHA, hyaluronic acids and antioxidants) associated with the power of the best plant-based active ingredients provide tired skin with everything it needs: squalene to improve elasticity, omega 3 and 6 to restore the hydrolipidic barrier, and vitamin F, essential for skin reconstruction but which the body does not produce. 99% of the formulation is of natural origin.

Soothing Nourishing Mask, Physiodermie


Physiodermy method

7. Derma Act

Directly inspired by medico-aesthetic care, Derm Act is differentiated by an in-house process: the emulsion technology [SME], or submicron encapsulation. This method allows 1) better results on application, 2) optimal penetration of the active ingredients, and 3) an increase in their bioavailability and their absorption by the skin. Glycolic and lactic acids activate exfoliation. Gluconolactone gently smoothes and exfoliates. Original Lemon Water evens skin tone. These double-sided, soaked, biodegradable pads enhance skin’s radiance in just one swipe.

Double-Sided Exfoliating Pads, Derm Acte

Translation by Anissa Agrama

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