7 Questions with… BISD Deputy Superintendent Anita Frank

From elementary school teacher to overseeing Beaumont ISD’s 16 elementary campuses, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Administration Anita Frank is committed to serving students.

She’s from home – herself a graduate of BISD Central High School in 1994 – and she does what she thinks she’s supposed to do.

The Beaumont Company sat down with Frank to find out more about what they want:

Q: You are the assistant superintendent of elementary administration. What was the journey to get there?

A: My journey has been full of joy. I am a product of the Beaumont community and a proud BISD graduate – I always knew I wanted to work in my community and make a difference.

I started my teaching career as a kindergarten teacher at Martin Elementary School. I was the kind of teacher who wore an outfit that matched my classes and tried things on even when I was told they probably wouldn’t work. I loved being part of the Martin Elementary team. At Martin, I was surrounded by seasoned teachers who loved the students and went out of their way to meet their needs – physical, mental and academic. These seasoned teachers also took pride in mentoring and training new teachers. I received the best support from my Martin team. My manager also supported me and challenged me to learn and grow. It was because he believed in me that I went back to school to pursue my Masters in Educational Administration.

Prior to taking an administrative position, I taught Martin for nine years and was part of the team that helped Martin become an acceptable campus (Texas Education Agency). I left Martin to become the curriculum coordinator at Homer Drive Elementary. Once again, I became part of a hardworking team with a fabulous leader who helped me grow. This experience only lasted a year, but I learned a lot. I left Homer Drive to become an assistant principal at Fletcher Elementary. This part of my journey solidified my desire to become a director, and when the opportunity presented itself for me to step into the role, I embraced it with open arms.

I have (was) the principal of Fletcher Elementary for four and a half years. During this time, I was able to work with all stakeholders to create a climate and culture of high expectations that resulted in high student performance. During my fifth year at Fletcher, I was reassigned to Pietzsch-MacArthur Elementary. The Pietzsch-MacArthur community welcomed me with open arms and during my brief stay (there) the campus achieved a TEA Met Standard rating.

My love for elementary schools helped me decide to apply for the position of Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Administration, and I have enjoyed supporting BISD’s 16 elementary campuses for the past five years.

Q: We can look at a title and kind of assume what it means, but what are you actually doing? What does a day in your life look like?

A: I work closely with the superintendent to ensure district initiatives are implemented and executed. I also oversee the academic administration department, which includes student services, testing and accountability, and instructional materials. Each of these departments supports all elementary and secondary campus administrators in building successful schools that are inviting and effective places of learning for our students. Additionally, I support the teaching staff and administrators of our elementary schools and pre-k centers. It is my job to ensure that elementary campuses have the resources to provide the best possible education that will help our elementary students reach their full potential.

Q: Are you from Beaumont? What made you want to make a career here?

A: Yes, I am originally from Beaumont. I grew up in the north and attended French Primary School, James Bowie Middle School and Central Secondary School. I always knew I wanted to work in my community and make a difference.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of your job?

A: Visiting campuses and seeing our teachers teach and our students learn.

Q: What are the most difficult challenges in your job?

A: The most difficult challenges I face are changing the mindset of students, staff and parents. It’s easy to see the challenges in a situation, but it takes courage to always look for possibilities.

Q: What is your personal philosophy on education?

A: My personal education philosophy starts with recognizing that I don’t get up every morning to show up for a job. Instead, I enter my purpose. My goal is to make a difference, one child at a time. I believe that every child can reach their full potential when they have positive experiences and teachers set high expectations. Knowing that every child is a story to tell, I believe that the experience we provide to our students can positively change their life trajectory. Our students will become what we think they can and will be.

Q: What are your hopes for the future of Beaumont ISD?

A: The definition of hope is to desire in expectation of fulfillment or fulfillment. My hope for Beaumont ISD is simple: that the hard work of our teachers, staff and students (will) be manifested in the overall growth of our students.

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