33% of students in Noida have yet to receive funds for uniforms and bags

With less than two months left until the 2021-22 academic session draws its curtains, almost a third (33.3%) of public school students in Gautam Budh Nagar district, who are entitled to funds for schoolbags and uniforms, are yet to receive the money.

Under a plan, the government is supposed to transfer 1,100 to the bank accounts of tutors of students in grades 1 to 8 in public schools during the current academic session.

The process was launched in November 2021, but official data revealed that as of January 14, around 29,898 students out of a total of 89,842 had yet to receive the money. This means that only 59,944 students, or 66.7%, have received the money so far.

A mandatory requirement for Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) is that the Aadhaar card of the parents/guardians of the students is linked to their bank accounts. However, according to data collected from the basic education department of Gautam Budh Nagar, out of the total number of students who have not received the funds, the bank accounts of 17,871 beneficiaries have yet to be linked to their cards. Adhaar.

“Parents whose Aadhaar cards are not verified with their bank accounts have been urged by teachers to link them as soon as possible. All help is being provided by the school staff to these parents to have their Aadhaar cards linked to their bank accounts so that bank transfers can be made urgently,” said DK Saxena, Education Officer base, Gautam Budh Nagar.

By the way, there are 12,027 beneficiaries whose bank accounts are linked to Aadhaar cards but they are also waiting for funds transfer. Among these, officials said that although some students’ data is not yet verified by their teachers, some students are “suspect” cases because their names appear in two or more schools and some whose data verification Aadhaar card failed.

“While two phases of bank transfers have been completed, the third phase is still ongoing and the remaining beneficiaries will be paid after we make the necessary updates at the block education officer level,” Saxena said.

Previously, the state government provided uniforms and bags to students through their respective schools. However, after various complaints regarding the size, quality and intermediaries engaging in corrupt practices, the government of Uttar Pradesh decided in March 2021 to introduce DBT to send money directly to the bank accounts of parents so they can buy school uniforms and bags for their children.

According to the government, 1,100 is to be used by parents to purchase school uniforms and bags. As part of the scheme, the prices of items have been specified. This includes, 600 for two sets of school uniforms, 200 for a sweater, 125 for shoes and socks and 175 for schoolbags.

In Gautam Budh Nagar, there are a total of 511 public schools where students in grades 1 to 8 study. Of these, 297 are primary schools (grades 1 to 5), 53 are upper primary schools (grades 6 to 8) and 161 are mixed schools (classes 1 to 12).


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